Cross contamination in Health Care

Can cross contamination infections be prevented?

The number of cross contamination related infections in hospital could be kept down if all hospital staff adhere to good hygiene measures. The most important is to wash hands before and after contact with each patient, and before doing any procedure. This simple measure reduces the chance of passing on bacteria from patient to patient.

Hospital staff coming into contact with patients should maintain very high standards of hygiene and take extra care when treating patients with viruses such as coronavirus, covid-19, MRSA and C. difficile. Before and after caring for any patient, hospital staff should make sure they have thoroughly washed and dried their hands.

Guidelines have been introduced by the Government to tackle the problem of MRSA. Health authorities and NHS staff are being asked to pay particular attention to good hand hygiene. This includes regular hand washing, use of disposable gloves when changing dressings and/or use of alcohol gel hand-rubs

Matron's charter

An action plan that sets out ten broad principles for delivering cleaner hospitals. It recognises the matron's part in maintaining standards, but is aimed at all staff in the NHS, whatever their role.

National Patient Safety Agency's (NPSA's) campaign to promote hand cleaning by healthcare staff.

Internationally, the National Patient Safety Agency and the clean your hands campaign are part of the World Health Organisation's first Global Patient Safety Challenge. Clean Care is Safe Care recognises the key role that hand hygiene plays in tackling healthcare associated infections.

Having agreed on the importance of clean and very regular hand washing it is vital that we are sure that the hand-washing is performed correctly and effectively. DaRo UV systems have been manufacturing and providing many areas of the NHS with the hand washing training equipment for many years.

Hand Inspection Cabinet

Through DaRo UV Systems' expertise in ultraviolet light, the company has developed a hand inspection cabinet using UVA, long wave UV light. This product enables infection control officers or training establishments to demonstrate correct hand scrubbing techniques. It will instantly highlight any defects and raises the awareness of potential hygiene problems. The cabinet demonstrates the importance of hands being washed often and well, requiring the right technique and friction.

Hand Inspection

A special lotion, Glitter Bug, or alternatively powder is applied to the hands and then washed off. When the hands are placed in the cabinet any remaining lotion will fluoresce under the ultraviolet lamp demonstrating the flaws in the hand washing technique. A practical carrying case for the unit is also available from our shop.

DaRo UV Systems Hand Inspection Cabinet has been featured on national television and in the national press helping in the battle against the rise of bugs and infections in hospitals by promoting good hand washing techniques.

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