Hand Inspection Cabinet

Hand Inspection Cabinet

Because of DaRo UV Systems' expertise in ultraviolet light, the company have developed The Hand Inspection Cabinet using UVA, long wave UV light.

This product enables infection control officers or training establishments to demonstrate correct hand washing/scrubbing techniques. It will instantly highlight any defects and raises the awareness of potential hygiene problems.

The Hand Inspection Cabinet demonstrates the importance of hands being washed often and well, requiring the right technique and friction to reduce the risks of user infections and cross contamination

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Customer Reviews

Repair & Service
Reviewed by Manie from JloNyztfHhW

Thank you for repairing our Hand Washing machine last week, it is as good as new'. Although it means I won't be getting a shiny new machine it is better for the environment and the bank account!

October 2012
UV Hand cabinet
Reviewed by Anonymous from Exeter

I have been using the hand cabinet for training in infection control to highlight hand washing anomalies for three years.
It has been a very useful tool and has been given excellent reviews by staff and managers.

January 2011